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Entrepreneurship Reducing Recidivism

Entrepreneurship reducing recidivism is how we started Razor Wire Media while we were actually still in prison.

There are over 70 million convicted felons in the United States of America. With a population of nearly 380,000,000 that’s just about 25% of all American adults. Chances are you know a felon, even if you don’t know the story about their crime.

Employment discrimination against justice impacted individuals is worse than actual racism. With nearly half of all Americans having a criminal record what else can be done to reduce recidivism? If men and women leaving our overcrowded prisons (the largest prison population in the world) unable to get meaningful employment, what else is there for them besides turning back to crime? How about entrepreneurship?

Razorwire Media is a media company, consultancy and business development company that functions as an incubator and accelerator for felon led startups, paving the way from entrepreneurship to rehabilitation and reducing recidivism.

Founded by several felons, Razor Wire is one of a kind in authenticity. Our founders have years of experience in startups, entrepreneurship and running successful businesses.

Razorwire takes no investment funds rather we cultivate startup founders and their companies, develop their ideas and prepare them to pitch investors that are aware of their criminal pasts, some of those investors have even been in the same position that these founders are in now.

If you’re a convicted felon and have a business idea reach out at contact@razorwiremedia.com or kyles@razorwiremedia.com If you are a convicted felon interested in helping others with your experience please email us about mentorship and advisor opportunities. Finally if you’re an investor willing to give our founders a second chance or perhaps you’re a felon yourself please email us. We can’t wait to hear from you.

For more information email contact@razorwiremedia.com

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