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Kyle Sandler (Co-Founder) – After a decades long career in radio beginning at the nationally syndicated Radio Aahs/Radio Disney and spanning across Baltimore, Washington DC, Houston and San Francisco, Sandler, together with Thompson, founded the first ever Android website in the world, in addition he founded “the voice of startups everywhere else” and was the South East Regional Champion for Startup America under the Obama Administration. Sandler served as the campaign manager for McAfee’s 2016 presidential bid and helped return McAfee into a household name beginning in the mid 2010s. Kyle also earned his paralegal certification while in prison and has been successfully helping justice impacted individuals. For more info on paralegal services click here.

Joe Devlin (Co-Founder) – Devlin is a serial entrepreneur and a multi-media, nationally known, comedian and comedy club owner. Devlin spent over a decade touring the United States as a stand up comic. Devlin’s business acumen includes owning a comedy club and serving as COO for a Regional Financial Services company based in Indianapolis Indiana and has spent years doing corporate consulting for manufacturing companies including an aerospace company. Devlin is a published author and multiple patented inventor. In addition to his work with BTF Media he is also developing a high level, next-gen, sports gaming platform.

Cody Ayers (Co-Founder)– In addition to being Sandler’s life partner, Ayers brings an abundance of operational and logistics experience to the table and well as an objective set of millennial eyes. Ayers wheel house is digital and social media platforms, fashion startups and consumer goods in the health and beauty space.

Andrew Thompson (Co-Founder) – Thompson spent most of the tens (2010-2020) founding a series of online technology journals including and, the first site in the world to promote startups in the “flyover” states. He has also worked in marketing at Texas A&M University. Thompson was the Media Director for John McAfee’s 2016 Presidential campaign in which the candidate came in second in the Liberterian party primary.