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  • Billionaire Greg Lindberg Headed Back To Federal Prison

    Billionaire Greg Lindberg Headed Back To Federal Prison

    While I was at FPC Montgomery on the Maxwell Air Force Base from 2018-2021 I lived in the same housing unit as billionaire insurance mogul Greg Lindberg. Lindberg had been convicted of bribing North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey after the 2016 election according to the Carolina Journal. Lindberg was out on pre-trial originally when…

  • The Challenges We Face

    Any investor or investment group willing to consider an ex-felon’s business project is taking a chance most wouldn’t. To risk reputation and resources on individuals who have been deemed “less than reliable” says a great deal about the character of that investor. Time is money. As such, professional investors are used to dealing with professionals…

  • 70 Million

    It’s something that gets swept under the rug quite a bit. In fact, before I myself got locked up I never thought I really cared about prisoners and inmates. Inmates, prisoners, and convicts deserved what they got. They deserved to be in prison. Now I’m not going to get on a high horse and proclaim…