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Billionaire Greg Lindberg Headed Back To Federal Prison

Billionaire Insurance Mogul Greg Lindberg Retria

While I was at FPC Montgomery on the Maxwell Air Force Base from 2018-2021 I lived in the same housing unit as billionaire insurance mogul Greg Lindberg. Lindberg had been convicted of bribing North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey after the 2016 election according to the Carolina Journal.

Lindberg was out on pre-trial originally when he filed the appeal however was unsuccessful in getting an appeal bond. According to the Wall Street Journal, Lindberg tried one last Hail Mary, petitioning the court to serve his time at home due to sleep apnea. He was unsuccessful so he reported to FPC Montgomery. In prison Lindberg taught classes, provided inmates with books, and even wrote a book of his own.

All the while Lindberg still had an appeal working through the system. He petitioned the court on multiple occasions to attend oral arguments or go home on appeal bond, again to no avail. Finally, in 2022 the appellate overturned the original conviction and Lindberg was released.

Now what most people don’t realize is that when an inmate or defendant wins an appeal the government does have the right to bring the charges back up in District Court, provided they fix what ever was wrong in the initial trial or proceeding. That’s rare for most defendants, the government typically does not want to invest the money in a new trial, especially if the defendant has done some time, which was the case with Lindberg. However since his charges were so politically motivated the government did exercise their right and took him and co-defendant John Gray.

Lindberg jumped into business in college with a $5,000 loan from his parents to start a medical newsletter company. Over time he entered, and was very successful in the insurance industry building up Eli Global and Global Growth insurance through a stream of legal transactions. Since his release for his appeal Lindberg has continued as a motivational speaker, author and philanthropist. Lindberg and Gray face sentencing this summer and unfortunately after losing a second time it’s likely the District Court Judge will hand down even more time.

Source: Carolina Journal