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With nearly 75 years of combined business and technological experience Razorwire Media superserves the niche tech market bringing big ideas to market. The founding partners of Razorwire were responsible for the resurgence of John McAfee, the now deceased billionaire and philanthropist who in the late 1980s created McAfee antivirus, and with it an entire industry. Always controversial, McAfee has been the subject of multiple television specials and a direct to Showtime feature film entitled “Gringo”. A biopic is in production featuring Michael Kane as the technologist.

The Razorwire team also brought to market the first ever “android blog” in the world: “,” and promoted startups in flyover states earning a citation from the Obama Administration and from AOL co-founder Steve Case and price-line founding CTO, Scott Case (no relation).

Razorwire Media specializes in bringing products and companies to market that in addition to being on the cutting edge of technology, often times create new categories in themselves oftentimes widely known and infamous for other reasons.

Razorwire Media is exclusive in that we promote products and founders that use entrepreneurship as a pathway to rehabilitation and reducing recidivism.