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Finding The Best Prison Consultant

If you or your loved one is headed to Federal Prison it’s been a life changing event. You’re on an emotional roller coaster not sure where it’s going to land. You have to worry about the kids, jobs, money, bills, houses, cars and yourself or your loved one.

One of the best things you can do while you are awaiting sentencing or self reporting is hire a prison consultant. A prison consultant can talk you through the steps and the stresses you are going through. They can help you stay focused on the most important things during your journey and tell you what to expect as you or your loved one report to Federal Prison.

Prison consultants can often times help develop plans to minimize the time you or your loved on may spend in prison and help you prepare for the Pre-Sentence Investigation and report. Sometimes, because those facing prison are so overwhelmed, they may forget key important things from their lives that they should tell the probation officer doing the investigation.

Of course the best prison consultants are going to cost a pretty decent amount of money but the services they provide will be second to none. Many of the best prison consultants work around the clock and make themselves available any time day or night to pick up the phone from a frantic client. If you have a high level crime, a big drug crime, organized crime, RICO or you’re looking at a potentially long sentence one of the consultants to consider is Larry Levine and Wall Street Prison Consultants. Larry is the original prison consultant and basically created the category. He has a no-nonsense aura about him that after the fact you will appreciate greatly. If you’re looking at a white collar charge Justin Paperny may be the way to go. Justin’s partner Michael Santos literally wrote the book.

If you like my tips on Tiktok one of the advantages to working with me is that I’m fresh out and know and have experienced first hand, some of the changes the BOP has undergone in the last five years. Just know that at this point in my professional life if you’re best suited for someone else I’m going to point you in that direction.

Here are some of the things prison consultants will help you with:

  • Help you understand what to expect at plea, sentencing and self-report
  • Help clients prepare for pre-sentencing investigations and the PSR report
  • Help clients prepare for meetings with their lawyers. Often times a good prison consultant will know what you should ask
  • Help clients understand what to expect a long the way
  • Help clients with sentencing memorandums
  • Help clients plan for FSA programming, vocational programs, prison jobs and other activities
  • Hep clients match their needs with the most ideal facilities (it’s ultimately up to the BOP but often times a defendant or their lawyer can get a recommendation from the judge, which is just a recommendation)
  • Help loved ones through the first months of their person’s incarceration
  • Help clients understand important things like the First Step Act, Secnd Chance Act and RDAP
  • Stay up to date with the latest amendments from the United States Sentencing Commission and what they really mean to Federal inmates.

    and so much more

Every single prison consultant out there has heard someone say “I wish I knew about you before I went to prison…”