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Consulting Entrepreneuship Paralegal


Razor Wire Media started with a goal of using entrepreneurship to reduce recidivism through an angel network which is still active today. Our Prison Consulting and Paralegal business started when founders Joe Devlin and Kyle Sandler, who both hold paralegal certifications, joined forces with Zachary Maly a 2015 Juris Doctorate (Elon Law) to provide post conviction help to justice impacted individuals. Check out this post about prison consultants and if you need help feel free to call 407-735-6995 or email postconvictionwork@gmail.com

Razor Wire Media when a group of high net worth white collar guys started talking in their Saturday morning group at FPC Montgomery about two main things 1. How entrepreneurship is a better way for some felons because it’s nearly impossible to get a job with a life sustainable income and 2. How most drug dealers (federal) already possess the entrepreneurial skills needed to be successful in business they were just selling an illegal product. Many of these guys taught business classes (ACE) including business plans, marketing, sales, entrepreneurship and many others. Many of the students in these classes quickly caught on and participated. From there Razor Wire connected these guys as they got out with potential investors who understood their pasts. 2 lawn care companies, a barber shop, a food truck and a used car lot were there recipients of the first investments. A technology startup that introduced the world of futures, options and binary markets to the world of sports betting, has technology in the due diligence stage of investment. If you have an idea or company you want us to hear about please email us postconvictionwork@gmail.com