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  • Finding The Best Prison Consultant

    Finding The Best Prison Consultant

    If you or your loved one is headed to Federal Prison it’s been a life changing event. You’re on an emotional roller coaster not sure where it’s going to land. You have to worry about the kids, jobs, money, bills, houses, cars and yourself or your loved one. One of the best things you can…

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  • Billionaire Greg Lindberg Headed Back To Federal Prison

    Billionaire Greg Lindberg Headed Back To Federal Prison

    While I was at FPC Montgomery on the Maxwell Air Force Base from 2018-2021 I lived in the same housing unit as billionaire insurance mogul Greg Lindberg. Lindberg had been convicted of bribing North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey after the 2016 election according to the Carolina Journal. Lindberg was out on pre-trial originally when…

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  • Bureau of Prisons Ranks Last Again

    Bureau of Prisons Ranks Last Again

    Director Peters Promised Change. Bureau of Prisons Comes In Last Second Year In A Row It’s May 22, 2024 which means it’s time once again for the annual ranking of the best and worst places to work in the Federal Government. The report, published by the Partnership for Public Service, Ranks every single one of…

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  • Do Federal Inmates Have To Work?

    Do Federal Inmates Have To Work?

    The original question came from a Quora post in the prison channel. Do inmates have to work? I don’t necessarily know the answer for state prisons but I can tell you that in Federal Prison if you are serving your time at a “work camp” (a minimum security facility) or a work compound (low, medium…

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  • BOP Leaving Huge Opportunity On The Table

    BOP Leaving Huge Opportunity On The Table

    In 2022 the BOP rolled out tablets with Keefe. Tablets are available to inmates for around $125 from commissary. The tablet is called the SCORE7c which stands for: Secure Commitment to Offender Rehabilitation and Reentry device, holds more mp3s than the mp3 player. The SCORE7c allows inmates to play games, rent movies (by connected transfer)…

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  • 327 Jobs

    Employment Discrimination For Felons Is Real I got out of prison a month ago on First Step Act. I hit the ground running and on the way out of prison on my 27 hour Greyhound trip I started an Indeed.com account. I created a resume, uploaded it and started applying for jobs. I made the…

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  • The Challenges We Face

    Any investor or investment group willing to consider an ex-felon’s business project is taking a chance most wouldn’t. To risk reputation and resources on individuals who have been deemed “less than reliable” says a great deal about the character of that investor. Time is money. As such, professional investors are used to dealing with professionals…

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What is Razor Wire

Razor Wire Media started out with a focus of using entrepreneurship to reduce recidivism. We do this through an angel network that exclusively connects justice impacted founders with investors that know and understand their past. Razor Wire is an an angel network and not an investment fund of any kind.

Razor Wire’s co-founders Joe D. and Kyle S. joined forces with Eric M. who holds a Juris Doctorate from Elon Law (2015) and together the other half of Razor Wire offers prison consulting and paralegal services. Both Joe and Kyle also have paralegal certifications. The primary focus is helping those headed to federal prison and their loved ones navigate the waters from this incredibly hard journey.

There are some amazing prison consultants out there and we encourage you to find the one that best meets your needs. All prison consultants can agree the thing they hear the most is “I wish I knew you were here before I got sentenced”. Check out this blog post about finding the best prison consultant.

Razor Wire Founder, Kyle offers real life prison tips and more primarily on Tik Tok but you can find him on all social media @thekylesandler

For more information please email postconvictionwork@gmail.com or call us today at 407-735-6995